The following statement to health, safety & environment is a commitment from AMEC INDUSTRIES to: 

  1. Clients – current and perspective
  2. Employees
  3. Subcontractors
  4. Client plant & equipment

AMEC INDUSTRIES Pty Ltd is committed to setting maintaining and improving standards in health and safety by:

Training and education of employees in: 

  • First aid
  • Job safety analysis
  • Legislative requirements
  • Client specific requirements

Awareness of environment 

  • Material data safety sheets
  • Asbestos awareness
  • Good house keeping


  • Company processes
  • On the job audits
  • Quality procedures
  • Identifying and eliminating hazards

Plant and equipment 

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Routine inspection of plant
  • Client requirements

Amec industries Pty Ltd is committed to establishing and maintaining an effective health, safety and environment systems.


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